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Sunday, November 3, 2013

2013 Halloween Pairings

This past Halloween I had fun pairing movies and food with different Halloween appropriate brews. This year the lineup consisted of: Brouwerij Van Steenberg's Witches' Brew, New Holland's Four Witches, and Left Hand's Wake Up Dead.

Pairing #1: Interruption Appropriate

Movie:  Them!
This 1954 thriller is a tradition when I'm handing out candy. The random shrieks and muted explosions really let the kids know we are into the holiday. It's also a good one that can stand up to interruptions (no need to pause).

Food: Homemade Pizza and Buttery Breadsticks
It was easy to put together before 5:00 PM, when the masses of kids started ringing the doorbell. Pizza is a good meal to snack on as the trick-or-treaters knock on the door. It's quick to eat and can get cold without losing it's deliciousness. This year was homemade pizza with cheese, bacon, pepperoni, and tomatoes.

Brew: Witches' Brew (Brouwerij Van Steenberg)
This golden ale had a crisp apple flavor that went well with the fresh tomatoes and pizza cheese. At 9.3% ABV, it was a perfect sipping brew that lasted us through the whole film.

Pairing #2: Blackness

Movie: The Bat
This Vincent Price black and white classic is another staple for a Halloween at home. With Miss Corny and a bat on strings, you can't help but scream. You love Price, in spite of evil deeds.

Food: Candy
We were baddies and dipped into the candy bowl. It was raining, so we figured we'd have less kids. That justified a few Reese's cups and Kit Kats.

Brew: Four Witches
A black saison went well with bats and chocolate.

Pairing #3: Amazing with a Touch of Lame

Movie: Revolt of the Zombies
1936 made for horrible zombie thrillers. When zombies were robots and no one could get to the point. Were they evil? Were they good? Did I care? This movie did succeed in one area, I was revolted.

Food: Cold Breadsticks
I couldn't help but grab some breadsticks before we put leftovers away. It was better than watching the movie.

Brew: Wake Up Dead
This went well with the zombie theme. It really was the only good thing about the pairing. A wonderful brew made the movie tolerable. This viscous beauty is one of my favorites. It's my official welcome to the darker half of the year.

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