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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Brews: 2015 Planning

In 2013, I paired movie classics, tasty treats, and dark and delicious brews. Pairing #1 was appropriate for interruptions handing out candy, #2 was really getting dark, #3 was Halloween cheesiness and cold breadsticks. (Full 2013 Post

Last year for Halloween, I paired Fade to Black Volume 5 Rye Black Ale with a brew session and O'Fallon's Imperial Pumpkin Ale with Dementia 13 and The Bat. (It was heavy enough for a double feature.) I wrote an amazing blog post about the brewing session. I put on my movie buff hat to recount the interesting background of the creepy doll thriller directed by none other than Francis Ford Coppola. Then...I promptly lost the post. In anger and in the interest of time, I abandoned the post and moved on to November.

What will this year bring? I have no plans. But it's the season for something dark, warming, and flavorful. Might I recommend a milk stout (Left Hand) to go with that milk chocolate? Maybe you'd enjoy a Flemish Sour (Monk's Cafe) with your skittles. You should get something boozy to wash down those nutty Mary Janes (Night Tripper). Make some boozy plans this Halloween. Take a bomber and a bag of candy to the party. Watch some scary movies at home and finish up what the trick-or-treaters left behind with a nice, heavy brew. 

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